The INNOVATORS is now a Super Platform for Everything Innovation


On March 18, 2024, The INNOVATORS celebrates its 3rd birthday and emerges as a Super Platform for everything innovation, powered by a first-of-its-kind educational + entertaining, technology + business video platform, boosted by human expertise + AI. This marks a significant milestone in our journey.

What is a Super Platform? It is an one-stop-shop for everything innovation, covering every facet of innovation: thought leadership, learning, marketing, engagement (messaging, surveying, ranking, AI powered searching, chatting), partnership and sales all-in-one. The INNOVATORS revolutionizes innovation ecosystems, enhances innovation productivity and accelerates innovation activities across locations 24/7.

By championing an innovation & entrepreneurship movement, we foster thought leadership, cultivate a community of leaders + innovators, empowering innovators for their success and impact. We reinvent an innovative way to do business, to invest and sell. We redefine a new lifestyle to discover the most innovative products/services while accelerating the growth of small innovation companies.

“Our mission is clear: to harness the power of innovation and drive the positive impact of emerging technologies on people’s daily lives and our society, leaving no one behind.” said Lin Yang, Founder & CEO of The INNOVATORS.

For all innovators, The INNOVATORS democratizes access to learning, marketing, top industry resources, esp for those who may not have had these opportunities otherwise; For industry leaders, The INNOVATORS fosters thought leadership, accelerates innovation activities; For venture capitalists, this could enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness on a global scale by streamlining processes; For academia: it could facilitate rapid commercialization of the research; The INNOVATORS could also serve for policy makers as a comprehensive video library for navigating the global innovation landscape. For general public, it provides a unique space to learn, entertain and discover the most innovative products and services.

Uniquely blending media and tech, The INNOVATORS’ flagship products include:

  • INNOVATORS Thought Leadership: Masterclass learning 24/7
  • INNOVATORSverse: A comprehensive video library for marketing and sales
  • INNOVATORS AI: An AI co-pilot ready to assist in chatting, searching and sorting innovators
  • INNOVATORS Video Show: Monthly short video show spotlighting Leaders of the Month and cutting edge Innovators of the Month
  • INNOVATORS Discover: A marketplace for the most innovative products & services

“We invite all to join us as partners, customers, or users, harnessing the transformational power of innovation in people’s daily lives and our society,” Lin added.

✨ We now invite the first 10 innovators and some prominent customers and investors to test our premium features for free! ✨ Pls email to secure your spot, so that we could easily get you onboard. Basic showcase (product video, founder video, pdf flyer) is still free. Pls sign up here.

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