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[24]7 helps businesses create a personalized, predictive and effortless customer experience.
We help organizations go passwordless.
Solving additive manufacturing toughest challenges with artificial intelligence solutions.
Smart Hotels
The company reduces the cost of fuel in maritime by retrofitting the vessel hull with smart passive elements.
Asset accountability across systems and industries so nothing gets lost or forged.
Where complex data turns into actionable results.
1DocWay is an online platform enabling patients to schedule appointments and see their doctors through video chat.
In-app user feedback software, powered by AI.
Performance-Optimized Influencer Marketing


marketplace facilitating IRL social experiences at local venues
Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies
3852.ai creates combination therapies for hard to treat diseases using predictive artificial intelligence.
Identify & Address Friction Before It’s Too Late
Biofiber manufacturers revolutionizing tissue engineering and advanced material applications
for Modeling Therapeutic Delivery to the CNS
On-Demand Manufacturing Software That Empowers Companies To Identify
A digital trade financing solution built for the global supply chain
Empowering Mushroom Producers to Grow Sustainably Through Innovative Robotic Solutions
Eradicating Wildfire Risk By Global Early Detection
Intelligent Automation as a Service
Real Food. Artificial Intelligence.
Physical Rehabilitation that is Personal, gamified, and data driven
Creator of PUMP, the EV app and PUMP connect, the charging platform
Fundraising platform enabling startups and investors to scale.
Cellular Therapeutic Approach
The first team network of world-class product builders, coming together to build what’s next for top companies.
Green electricity supplier Made in the South
Digital Therapeutic App and BioMarker Platform to improve outcomes, clinical decision support for Severe Mental Illness
Aalto is an online alternative to traditional real estate agents.
Leveraging biology to track, trace and authenticate products through the supply chain
Your EV Charging Partner
Leveraging AI and Genomics for Precision Diagnosis for Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR)
Helping Finance teams be 10x faster
Robotic Welding. Autonomous Robots. AI & machine vision-based software. Just click & weld.
Carbon procurement platform for high quality offsetting
Your Customer Success Co-Pilot
Engaging and original audio entertainment for kids.
AI associate for litigation and appellate attorneys
Abhi is Pakistan’s 1st financial wellness platform focusing on…
Abode is the key to home ownership for millions of families who are currently locked out from purchasing homes.
Accelerating Electrification
AI summarizing medical conversations into clinical docs
Flexport for India
Deploy Python scripts as internal tools
Compliance Made Easy
Unlock the true value of biodiversity
Your Home for Campus Gaming
Educate Indonesian workers and connect them to offshore job opportunities
Acanthis is an integrated SaaS web application that provides SMBs with the insights and advice that they need in a way that they can understand.
Improve Ops Efficiency & Quality + Excel in Compliance with Accend
Managing your Employees’ Access to SaaS
Telehealth Medical Weight Management Practice
Hit revenue targets through repeatable Sales & Onboarding
Our software as a service provides all of the necessary tools and resources to maintain compliance, not just for doctors and hospitals, but for all organizations that are now required to be HIPAA compliant under the new regulations.
Transforming blood test through technology innovation
We Measure Accurate Temperature in Extreme Conditions
25,000+ building products, narrowed down to your best options.
Acelerate’s marketplace helps restaurateurs run additional services from their existing kitchens.
Data application development platform
The new standard in heart failure management
Smarter Decisions
ActionIQ is developing the next generation of distributed data engines that live in the cloud.
Ultra thin-film flexible solar
Open-source no-code business automation tool
Acumino – a novel approach and platform that teaches robots more tasks with greater accuracy.
Adaptive is transforming the current state of DevOps and infrastructure functions for millions of developers and engineering managers globally.