The INNOVATORS is the 1st virtual & visual innovation ecosystem for all important stakeholders: academic thinkers, industry leaders, startup disruptors, venture capitalists and policy makers, powered by a first-of-its-kind video platform.

--The SPACE for industry thought leaders to share insights and convene industry dialogues;

--The CHANNEL for startups to broadcast innovation towards industry stakeholders and the general public audience;

--The PLATFORM to empower startups with resources for success.

Our Mission is to build up the vibrant global innovators community and democratize innovation activities across locations and backgrounds, aiming to empower innovators with Learning+Marketing+Industry resources+VC insights for maximized success and impact. Uniquely positioned in the innovation eco-system, the INNOVATORS combines all functions of the current stakeholders, adding creativity into innovation.


Our team has a combination of experiences in TV media, startups, VC, higher education, engineering, etc. We are passionate about fostering innovation thought leadership, democratizing innovation landscape, accelerating innovation activities, promoting emerging technologies' positive impact, and encouraging diversity in our society.

Join us to make innovation the transformational force in people's daily lives! Our society will thrive if everyone is an innovator!

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