Future of Finance


Emerging technologies are reshaping every industry landscape, including the highly regulated financial sector. Amidst this evolution, new players are entering the scene, challenging the dominance of traditional financial institutions and driving innovation. While traditional banks boast established branding, economies of scale, and customer trust, they also grapple with legacy systems and extensive regulations. In contrast, fintechs leverage their social media fluency and data-driven insights, appealing particularly to younger consumers. Disruptive technologies like AI, crypto, and blockchain are revolutionizing banking infrastructure, enhancing financial processes and accessibility. Who will emerge victorious in this dynamic landscape? Join us as we feature insights from thought leaders spanning traditional financial giants, cutting-edge fintech firms, and venture capitalists, igniting discussions to shape the future of finance.

They are: Swati Bhatia, Partner of Marcus by Goldman Sachs; Vanessa Colella, Chief Innovation Officer of Citi; Stephen Markwell, Managing Director of JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Mike Cagney, CEO of Figure; Colin Walsh, CEO of Varo Bank; Andrew D’Souza and Michele Romanow, cofounders of Clearco; Peter Hazlehurst, CEO of Synctera; Nigel Morris, Managing Partner of QED Investors; Andrew Tang, Partner of Draper Associates; Noah Doyle, Managing Partner of Javelin Venture Partners

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