The INNOVATORS launches new thought leadership series “Innovation Insights”


The INNOVATORS is excited to launch our “INNOVATION INSIGHTS” thought leadership series!

What defines innovation? Is it a novel idea, an invention, groundbreaking technologies, or the creation of new products and services? Or does it encompass broader societal impact? Indeed, innovation and entrepreneurship stand as pivotal pillars of economic competitiveness and agents of societal transformation. In the current landscape, ripe with challenges and opportunities, entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to effect meaningful change and reshape the world we inhabit. To delve deeper into the essence of innovation and inspire entrepreneurial endeavors, The INNOVATORS have invited the world’s foremost academic minds to share their insights on innovation and foster a culture of entrepreneurship.

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Pls meet these brightest minds in innovation:
— Soumitra Dutta, Dean, Oxford Saïd Business School
— John Quelch, Vice Provost and Dean, University of Miami Business School
— Francisco Veloso, Dean, Imperial College Business School
— Robert Langer, Institute Professor, MIT
— Fiona Murray, Associate Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management
— Michael Cima, Professor of Engineering, MIT
— Christopher Tucci, Professor, Imperial College Business School

Universities are the main driving forces of innovation and to foster Entrepreneurship. If you are an entrepreneur working on a startup, congrats on your journey! Welcome to broadcast your innovation on The INNOVATORS in our vibrant ecosystem towards your potential partners, customers, investors, etc!
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